In the Dark…

It sucksIt’s SUMMER. It’s the time of ice-creams, shakes, beach, you name it and also… the time for black-outs. Blackouts – “damn, the government”, “Oh! God, this heat”, “the best part of movie was about to come!!!”, “Hey Ram! Manav-Archana ka aaj kya hoga??(for ladies)” and many more such instantaneous thoughts jump into your mind…


But black-outs can be pretty much fun or if not, an unnerving experience. Personally speaking, I have had lots of fun during black-outs. Once when I was in boarding school, we started a ‘chappal fight’ and another time, all the boys of myNew york at blackout house (rated the most notorious house at every faculty meeting) gathered in the garden and to everybody’s amazement, started singing ‘bhajans’. BHAJANS??? I couldn’t believe my ears. During Kota days, we used to go up the terrace and flash torches at other hostels (they flashed back at us), used to move our feet to music in dark, have serious discussions on any topic (other than course-topics), hold mock concerts using torches as lights (especially suddenly concentrating all the torches on the singer’s face), and once had a Maggie-candle-light dinner with sherbet as wine. There are some really good memories associated with black-outs.


I am not defending black-outs at all, but let’s admit they have a certain aura around them. They provide the much-needed break that we desire but Kids with candleswe cannot avail. After all, we are taught only how to accelerate the engine of mind and not how to apply brakes on it. If you are with family, you can have uninterrupted real family time, which is almost impossible, considering TV schedules, unless all members of your family love a particular show (by itself a rare occurrence). If you are alone, it gives you some quality time with yourself. Seriously, when was the last time you gave time to yourself, listened to your heart and reflected what’s really going on inside you?

If you are with friends, I think I don’t need to mention any fun (if I have to do, I am sorry for your group).

Just go out on the terrace or balcony, see the whole city engulfed in eerie darkness with only a few buildings lit up by generator. Looking at the sky, your memory jogs back to “TwinkleMoon with clouds Twinkle little star…” On a full moon night, the moonlight casts a spell everywhere adding a new dimension to the beauty of the landscape, and “Chanda Mama”, himself, embellishes the dark diamond-studded sky. And if the moon is surrounded by clouds, it may look like the witches’ moon (like the one filmmakers show when someone is about to turn into a werewolf, or a vampire hunting for prey). Also, the magical aura and the cool ambience of your home under the moonlit-sky. Wow… If you are in Luck, you can get swayed by cool breeze too.

On an ending note, I am not endorsing black-outs. In fact, frequent black-outs must be curtailed but in occasional dark ones, we can light some beautiful memories in our hearts.

If you have any memorable or unmemorable memories during black-outs also, please share with me…


6 thoughts on “In the Dark…

  1. Shashi Prakash

    the above written things are awesome…
    but i dun myself clear about the meaning of black outs what does it actually refer to??
    it will be very kind of you if u make me clear..



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