Thank You, Mr. Jobs…

When I was small, I first heard of Steve Jobs as founder of Apple and the man who controlled the share prices of Apple. I was baffled how one’s exit and entrance produce such rise and fall in stock values. It amazed me how one man could be responsible for the share prices of such a big company. But at that time, I was unaware of the charisma and innovativeness of the Great Man.

Steve Jobs, adopted and raised in a middle class family, dropped out of college after six months citing “simply wasting my parents money and college can’t help in figuring out what I want to do in Life”. He studied as a drop-in, slept on floor, returned coke bottles for food money and travelled 7 miles for a hearty meal once a week at a temple. After 18 months, at the age of 20, he finally left college and started his own company “Apple” in a garage. Within 10 years, Apple had produced Mac, the first graphical-interface computer. Ironically at the age of 30, he was fired from his own company. However that did not deter him. He opened a new company NeXT Computer and bought Pixar Animation which produced films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and is now the biggest animation company of the world. In 1996, Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs became its interim CEO. In the year 2000, ‘interim’ was dropped and he was back as the head of Apple, from the very company he was fired. Under his leadership, Apple became Apple.

Today I shall be not repeating his story to you but would like to thank him…

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for realizing us the importance of listening to our heart and intuition. Your quest for knowing what you love which even led you to drop the college is unparalleled.

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for letting us know who a real champion is. Not someone who never falls but one who has the ability to rise after every fall. Your exit from your own company and its return is scarcely believable.

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for making us believe anything’s possible. You transformed computer from a geek’s device to everyone’s personal computer, the idea which seemed unattainable and was scoffed at that time.

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for showing us what passion really means. All your hardships at college and a turbulent return and success shall serve as an example for all of us.

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for proving us that its innovation that drives and change the world…

Thank You Mr. Jobs, for teaching us to be “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Thank You Mr. Jobs

Although you are not among with us, but you left us a legacy for future entrepreneurs which shall always inspire them, motivate and never allow to satisfy their thirst for excellence…

Heaven… Be prepared, Once your apple changed the future of Earth forever…

Now, our Apple’s founder is gonna change your world in ways you cannot imagine…

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