An apology was all I needed

“In Friendship, there is no sorry and no thank you”. I have heard it many times and thrash it many times. How can you not thank anyone if he/she has done something for you? How can you not apologize for your mistake which hurt your friend’s feeling? I believe it was the tale of some Fantasy Friendship which became famous somehow. Until I went to boarding school and made some real Friends…

Now, after five years of Friendship, fights, reunion, drifting, seeing the best friends break and …, I realized one crucial thing that although we actually don’t need to say “Sorry” from our mouth but our Friends need sincere “Sorry” from our eyes…

Recently, I was at the edge of holding something which I eagerly desired and awaited a longgg time, but at the last minute my friend goofed-up big-time. As a result, I was deprived of that. I was angry and sad. But the thing, which raised my anger hugely, was that he kept on justifying his action. He, never, even for one moment, had that look of regret or sorry in his eyes or body-language. Simply, he kept on and on… Only if he could have just come up and say “I am sorry” or simply bring regret in his eyes, I would have been less hurt. But that never came…

Even if you ask any teacher what irks him most after a student is caught committing a mistake? Its not the mistake but the defiance in our eyes, our eyes shouting “I refuse to accept my mistake, I did not do anything wrong. I am not sorry”.

So next time you make a mistake. Don’t fool yourself into that you didn’t make mistake (in case of Friends) and Don’t act as if you were right but show him/her that you are sorry if you can’t say it… That look will tell him everything you want to say and trust me, he will forget and forgive even your biggest mistake…  It might seem to you that “Our Friendship is unlike others. We don’t need to apologize”. But alas, it’s a misconception because we all are “humans” and if we in anyway get harmed, no matter who did, we are bruised. We keep it in some corner and move on. This keeps on piling and piling until one day, you start to hate him and when the pile becomes overstacked, your Friendship breaks or you simply drift away (think back of friendships which lost its intensity for no reason).

Friends are rare, if you think you have lots of them, you are kidding yourselves. Don’t lose them or don’t take them granted. Just summon up your courage and tell him “Sorry” and or at the very least, show him you are sorry. That will be all…

Also, be warned your sorry should be genuine and heartfelt. You may think you have pull wool over your friend’s eyes but even though he will not say anything, he will know…


9 thoughts on “An apology was all I needed

  1. Chetan Agrawal

    Hey Gagan…
    Awesome article buddy… liked reading it…
    Just wanna a add a perspective…

    What if you yourself understand that whatever your friend did, his intentions were NOT to harm you…
    I am not saying that whatever your friend did was right…but, what if he wasn’t able to understand that what he was doing could harm a friend of his…
    I believe If we understand this part… there wont be any regrets or bruises left in the hearts…

    What say, eh?


    1. GG Post author

      Thanks for sharing your perspective but our Friends never intent to harm us but its not the action that hurts, but the Attitude after that which hurts…


    2. Arpit

      Sir, what if they keep repeating the same things which hurt us and say “SORRY” every time they repeat. didnt this sorry itself has lost its meaning…….because

      “To make a mistake is not a mistake but to repeat to mistake again (& again) is a mistake”

      I understand they do not do intentionally neither with the intention of harming us, but it still “hurts”…….


  2. isha

    Here i’m reading the 7th post.. Its shocking for I never manage to read more than 2 in a day., that too only if i don’t find my back getting stressed up sitting on my lappy and reading it. But you made my interest by every topic. As i finish one i say no i’ll read the other next time but as i start i find i can’t just stop until the end arrives.

    So, for this post of yours…. In my group of friends everyone knows its one of my those very famous line “no sorry and no thanks in friendship”
    For me i feel there shouldn’t be any formal words between friends. Yet i agree with your words for even i end up saying sorry sometimes when i feel that I had actually hurt my friend. I can withstand anything but hurting him or her would be the last thing i would ever wish to.
    And same wise i even say thanks when my friends just do something for me which is beyond my expectation and i feel so overwhelmed that the word comes out automatically.

    Anyhow one can only write such posts if he truly values relations. And yes, i can say you do them. In short a very nice post. 🙂

    (hey hope you don’t mind as always my reply are so long but not my fault you force me to write and yes, thanks for making my day by your so wonderful posts. I forgot that i was so worried about something when i woke up today)



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