Third Element of Relationship…

People say as you grow, you learn more about Life. You learn more about relationships. I too grew up and like everyone else, Life taught me too. Earlier, I thought love was the base of relationship. Then, I realized without trust, a relationship may take off. But it can never survive. But for the existence of a relationship, you need one more parameter: Time.

During the first year of my college Life, my friends and I had great fun. Only lamenting the fact that we were scattered and were very much apart (distance wise) but later on as we moved in the second year, we consolidated our location. We were just a few steps away. Indeed, it would be a better year.

I was wrong. It didn’t turn out to be better year or a more fun one. For the very reason that we just thought that we can talk with each other whenever we want now that we are so close. We could have but we never did. That was a big big difference. The distances (not in terms of km but within the hearts) began to grow. Our group was divided into factions. My friend is merely an acquaintance now.

Plant of Relationship

Plant of Relationship

Of course, some relations have the magic that whenever we meet again, after anytime, it would be just like old days. If you imagine the moment carefully, sitting in café, chatting about old times… Observe It’s the memories you gave time is connecting you. Moreover, the intensity is not the same as it was. The other person is changed, we have changed. Since none of us gave time, none of us has space for each other now.

My point is relationships cannot be considered to be an element of some romantic or friendship story based solely on Love. Relations are important, the threads in our Life and to maintain those threads, we need to give a little effort. Give a part of Life that is special and truly ours i.e. Time.

Take only an hour out of your week. Regroup, talk, conference call, pull each other legs, maybe go for a golgappe or chat, simply walk, anything but do it. Don’t ever make the mistake of taking them granted. One mistake you will look back with happy and sad eyes and term it as “those old days”, “the Platinum days”…

So, I think I should also call some of my old friends now as a very mysterious friend of mine said, “Gagan, you are guilty of not giving time to your friends.”

Only Rain isn't going to flourish them, you need to water also...


5 thoughts on “Third Element of Relationship…

  1. isha

    Very true… I have myself experienced this fact many times in life.. Relations are kept only by keeping in touch. Otherwise its just for name sake. A relation only means sharing a part of you life with them, so for that you need to spend time together.

    Sometimes find me very disturbing but still i continue for I think forcefully making them remind me of me is better than leaving them to forget me completely 😉

    Nice post dear 😀


  2. somya agarwal

    very good reminder of d mistake being made by many like me…. 🙂
    and d expression through words is quite touching!!!


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