Being A Brother…

I have been always the smallest child. You know elder brothers and sisters are irritating and also very lucky. They get to boss us around, telling don’t do this/that and Mummy believes in them more (She started the fight but Mom won’t listen). We get old items of them instead of new things (like my first mobile phone). When we are in the mood of some masti, “Quit horsing around, I am working” (That snot) comes the shout. Papa is also concerned about him in taking future decisions and in our case, relaxed. He knows so much. (Actually proud of that)

This is unfair. Just because he is born before, he has extra privileges… 😦 :X


These Holi vacations, I visited my Mamaji and Mamiji… . I was quite apprehensive before going as its been a long time since I had stayed at someone else’s home. The way I live only my Mom tolerates but there I had to be a good boy and especially they have kids, so I have to discontinue my college lifestyle. There would be changes… What would I do whole day? What if internet is not there? What if the children are “every-reply-Ok” types? I don’t know…

As I saw my siblings on station, we introduced ourselves (we were meeting for the first time, never mind we have been fb friends for a long time). They had such smiling innocent faces. I gave them chocolates and they were so excited. “Thank you, Bhaiya”… Something struck me… I am their elder brother….

In fact, contrary to my fears, they mingled with me instantly. They started talking about their schools, how it gave them less holidays 😦 and what I like. The flurry of questions… They were really excited. I started showing them some cool computer tricks and software. I don’t know why but I assumed the role of “genius-computer-brother”. I just wanted them to expand their horizon, be better than I was (to be what I wished I should have been). I know it was unfair of me to do that. They are kids and grow in their own unique way… but something from the heart deviated me.

Playing Holi and fun with brothers and sisters

Fun with them...

I also wanted them to be a little rogue… So, why not being a brother who spoils them? But as my friend said, “You cannot, you simply cannot…” and she was right. I could not. Moreover, those earlier discomfitures were just an output of over-thinking. I, myself, wanted to live decently for a while. A sense of responsibility also came with fun. Teaching them their school stuff, operating computer properly, checking whether they are studying or not and not wasting time with me, bathing my little brother after Holi (become the irritating brother), fulfilling the denied pleasures like ice-cream, movies… It was fun with them.

Bathing my brother...

Responsibilty with them...

This small experience led me to appreciate more my brother. He must have curtailed lots of mastis, be a good boy so that I do not pick some bad habits. Forming a unrealized protective layer which allowed me to take more risks, a deep feeling that he has my back when worst comes and probably a million other things, which I haven’t been able to realize due to time constraint…

Lastly, I am proud of my lil brothers and sisters and wish to be their real (not family) brother…


17 thoughts on “Being A Brother…

  1. Akshat Mehendale

    nicely written. you know what, being an elder brother is a much difficult task. the protective layer, is a thing which most younger siblings don’t realize, and i guess even u r not totally aware of its thickness…


  2. isha_bemyfriend

    I had always loved to talk about brotherhood relations. Maybe because i am the most close to my sister and is pampered by her a lot. No doubt i agree with your first line and even appreciate your last words. Being elders they have full right to scold us but we forget behind those scoldings there is that protective layer to not let us be harm by anyone. 😀

    It was fun reading your experience with your cousins. Yeah, it feel great to when you get to hold that elder position. 😛
    Lol at that statement of yours- I don’t know why but I assumed the role of “genius-computer-brother”

    in short a very nice post 🙂



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