Why should Friends not be roomies?

Best Friends to enemies

You don’t want that, do you??

It happened in Xth Grade. I was as delusional about friendship as any other kid. I was in a boarding school and we were yet to be allotted a room. We had to select room partners. So, what could be the better thing other than sharing it with my best friend? After all, we loved spending time with each other, I felt good when he was around. It all perfectly fitted in. So, “Hey, let’s be roomies…” But (As usual Life butted in…)

Lets see the buts and please add more as you feel:

  1. Granted:  Once, we became roomies, I started giving less time to him. We were, after all, always together. So, what was the hurry? That was my big mistake. At the end of the day, I interacted with whole school but forgot about him. It was Ghar ki Murgi daal barabar. 😦
  2. The “Other Life”: When we take it to the next level, we start realizing his other Life. Obviously, we knew a lot about it, beforehand but we haven’t actually realized. What ticks this realization is, he starts living that Life while he is with us, and we feel less prioritized. (Plus, he has secrets that he doesn’t want to share with you)
  3. Sharing: We have shared the best of times together. But being roomies is about sharing more than space. Its also about sharing responsibility, work, finance and also respecting each other’s individualities (unlike the times, we generally blow off). Often, in a room of my friend, they had lots of fights on trivial issues such as one wanted lights to be switched off and other wanted them to be on.
  4. Flaws: During the initial and golden phase of friendship, we hide many of our shortcomings to our friend or they are overlooked. But when you are with a person all the time, all of those flaws start to squirm out. Sometimes, they are overlooked but sometimes they cannot be… (Personally, I am afraid what would happen if my closest friends come to know all of my bad habits)
  5. Too much of a good thing: Your action figures or toys, computer games,… we get bored, ultimately…
  6. On a Rainy Day: Sometimes
    •  you are sad, or
    •  you just want loneliness and relaxation in your own environment, or
    • you two just had a big fight, or
    • you are, for no reason, irritated with him (it happens), the sight of him still waddling in front of your sight, his every small action irritates you,

In those scenarios, if you get less space… Wooh (God forbid if you bitch in your weak moment and your roomie comes to know)

Becoming a roomie is a leap. Know and keep your distance, sometimes distances in a relationship are like the Earth and the Sun. The moment the Earth moves towards the Sun, it starts burning. If it starts moving away, it freezes. Just give the matter a serious thought. Even after that if you feel, you can be comfortable as roomies, by all means go ahead…

Earth burning and freezing

Think about that…


22 thoughts on “Why should Friends not be roomies?

  1. isha_bemyfriend

    Hats off to you for having the courage to write this very true fact.
    I could relate it all through with my own experience. As for me my sister is one of my best friend but as we live together and by passing time I realize things changed. Actually many and in many aspects. Maybe i was over with them but now I’ve started to understand her point of view and i hope it helps.


    1. GG Post author

      I had the same problem with my friend… Luckily, he was mature enough and supported me till the end. His enormous belief,persisted our Friendship and also taught me many things…


  2. isha_bemyfriend

    BTW for me the biggest factor comes up when you expect your roomie cum friend to spend time with you. Instead you wanting to give that time to something or someone else. So, here comes the problem, if you give you won’t be doing it with your own willingness and if you don’t he find it bad. And if this repeats again and again, it brings problems in the so good understanding.


  3. Rajat Gupta

    nice one bro…specially the example has been provided through the way of the relationshipship between the sun and the earth….


  4. kadaw

    its good that you shared this, many guys do this mistake of having your close friends as room-mates. So, let it spread and save some friendships!


      1. Prateek Porwal

        I mean to say that in long distance relationship where two persons are in immense love, when spend few days with each other, sometimes they may realize that they had made a wrong choice. Just spending some time in chit chat together and claiming to be best friends mostly costs such people when they come to know the actual behavior of the other in adverse situations.

        I think kuch jyada hi elaborate kar diya 🙂



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