Change our stories…

For this post, let me put down the base definition (as by me):
Revenge: Give punishment yourself
Justice: Let authorities give punishment

Sorry to use an old and repetitive fact, but I think we would all agree if I plant a mango tree, the tree will bear mango and never papayas.

“What we sow is what we reap”.

Extending this example to us, let’s consider us a garden and thoughts and ideas as seeds.

Now, let us consider what do we expect from people?  

Ans: Recently, we saw Team Anna protesting and all the media, politicians, persons of repute, in the end, we, opposing their methods, saying it’s not the “right” way. If they want change, they have their chance and they should enter politics and do it in the “right” way. In school, if we had a fight, our parents tell us to go to a teacher rather than involve in a fist-fight.

We are expected to follow a system, not to dismantle it. We desire a system that is defined, that is advantageous and disadvantageous to everyone in equal manner, a system that is not the pawn of few powerful people and would not descend into anarchy as the head of the organization steps down. We desire restoration rather than sending the present state into anarchy.

Will you slay or hand over to the system?

Revenge or Justice

Second consideration, what are we sowing?

Ans: Mining the common theme from the stories of Gods, of prince and princess, the old witch, we listen in our childhood, good wins over evil. Perfect ending. But how good wins over evil? Good kills evil. Prince killed the evil magician. Does Mahabharata inspire the correct end? None of them held a trial.

When I was small, they were my ideals. I admired them. A part of me wanted to be like them. I was subconsciously propagating myself towards them but if my heroes are achieving their motive via “revenge” and not “justice”. An impressionable mind would certainly generate undesirable instincts. An instinct of “go-for-kill” rather than “go-for-justice” shall naturally be developed.

We face two methods: “Revenge” or “Justice”. Which one is right? Which is wrong? Which sets system back on track? Which is a fruitless attempt? I am not going to answer any nor is my purpose to advocate a certain method but let’s be clear about what we desire and remove the hypocrisy in the education we are providing. We slowly develop into what we love deeply.

Perhaps, if I want to inculcate the pavement of “justice” in my brother or sister, I would regale the tales of some heroes who put villains into jail or sentenced them. Come on, let new stories pave in. Let our stories be in sync in what we want. Let’s peel down at least one layer of the mask.


2 thoughts on “Change our stories…

  1. isha_bemyfriend

    I believe justice should be done rather than killing. We should give an end to the evil inside us not end the life. But yes, as we say not every line fits every situation. If the evil has completely taken over us, spread in the roots then the tree has to be cut down. As it would not only effects its branches but even the surroundings. By passing time it might make the whole garden dirty like it… and like we say one apple is enough to make others spoil too.



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