How Atreyee Dey redefined both Big-Data problems and Gender Norms

Atreyee Dey has worked in Tech R&D for more than ten years. Now she’s solving complex Big-Data problems at Zapr Media Labs, and profiling media consumption at a scale that’s never been done before. As a female software engineer, she is pushing the boundaries of data search and retrieval in an industry where women have had lesser space so far.

I’ve been with Zapr a little over a year. I wanted to see what a startup culture feels like and how I can contribute. I had almost 10 years of experience in research and product labs, but I felt there are a lot more dynamism and freedom in the way we shape our products here. At the same time, a lot of urgency and constraints come into the picture since we’re dealing directly with clients. Additionally as a startup, we want to be frugal in our design choices when we…

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