A 60 second story…

It was the cold winter evening. A beggar with his 5-year old son was hungry. People tend to walk around less in winter. They had nothing to eat since morning. He knocked on a door. The owner, furious at the audacity of beggar, shoved him backwards.

They covered themselves tightly with their tattered cloth. “Sir. Can you spare us some alms?”

The owner refused.

“Sir, we have not eaten anything since morning. Please give us some food?”

The owner’s face grew more crossed.

“Even leftovers would do? Anything?” He was worried about his son.

The owner refused again.

“Any old clothes?”

The owner refused again.

“Sir, Can you give me some sand from your garden?”

The owner seemed surprised at the request. He agreed. He went and brought him some sand.

The beggar blessed him and started going away.

The owner, still perplexed, called him. “Why did you ask for sand?”

“Because, it will teach you to give something.” 

A plant just planted in garden

I am not encouraging begging.

My interpretation is Things begin with small, seemingly irrelevant acts.

What’s yours?


Let’s burst a Myth…

A man bought a huge flat. He conveyed the news to his friends. One of the friends became too excited and decided they should party. The friend organized the party to the full grandeur, he was proud of his friend… He invited every acquaintance over the new house and partied all night.

The next morning, everybody left and friend was also pleased with himself. But the man looked around and saw the whole place was trashed, few things were broken, shoes in the kitchen, bedroom all wet. It was a total mess.

 What do you think about his style of partying for a new apartment?

Always, there’s a special attachment to our work. After all the effort, we feel a part of ourselves in it, which we may not realize but try deleting or destroying it, we feel a little empty.

God created this entire Universe with Earth, being one of the most interesting places. He must certainly feel proud of it.

Stats for Pollution during Diwali


And yet, on Diwali, we burn crackers, which pollute the air, create noise, and claim that we are celebrating a special occasion of God. We sought to invite God in our home by destroying the world He created. Does that sound rational?

In the previous post, I tried to stress on the importance of “Why?” and promised I would come with another tradition which has made us redundant. Earlier, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to burst firecrackers but today, planet is dying. Just think ‘why’?

How city looks during Diwali


Air pollution in November 2012 before Diwali

Behind the stage

Before you jump on the wagon of throwing at me the routine activities which cause pollution and their contribution, at least I don’t claim I am doing for God. Just for enjoying a moment of illumination, for experiencing the thrill of playing and overcoming danger, God should not be used as a shield or excuse.

Separate the notion of fireworks in Diwali and God.

This Diwali, I would not consume much of your time, but there are lots of different ways to brighten up the planet or do something for him… Plant a tree…  Sponsor a child… Donate blood… The list is endless

Happy Diwali and Lets light up the world...

Lets light up the world…

When do Traditions make us evil?

When I watched “Gladiator” starring Russell Crowe, two things stuck in my mind:

  1. Russell Crowe, what an actor!
  2. How this atrocity was allowed?

Ok. The King was consumed with the lust of power and I can get why he revived the tradition.

But how could an entire generation of people support this AND

More importantly, could such similar traditions flourish in present day too???

Romans cheering for Gladiators

Crowd cheering for Gladiators

Was something wrong with the people?

They were builders of Colosseum… and they were common people like us concerned with their day-to-day activities, taking good care of their families, helping their friends, abiding by the laws. Everyone, simply, cannot be humanity-bereft.

If there was nothing with the people, we should have such tradition. Right?

We do have… WWE – Two wrestlers fighting in a fixed match and why not, smash the chair in somebody’s head while I am encouraging you.

Why take something of which we are simply a spectator? Why not something we are a part of? Something we are a lot closer to. Birthdays in hostel. You all must have experienced the thrill of hunting down the birthday boy and showering him with chappals, sandals, kicks, etc… Out of the million ways to make him feel special, we choose the trashing way. Why we are not satisfied and call others? If I were a 3,000 A. D. kid, how inhuman this celebration would seem?

More importantly, why is the birthday boy himself not happy internally unless he is hunted or beaten? (I have been there).

Ragging… or to give it a moral justification PDP (Personality Development). Is there any sense in creating more fear in a guy who is probably first time away from home, having difficulties in new surroundings, no friends? Because you want to prove you are superior? If one argues it opens up, the image of troll “Are you ____ kidding me?” Ask yourself, is this the only or best way? My friend, when he met his tech-daughter, he simply talked to her. Making her comfortable, listening to her, advising her (in the faintest hope of following) and she is quite open to him till date.


So, Why?

Answer lies in the question. We don’t ‘Why?’ Are the answers meted out by society accepted by my standard of logic? Think of it… Sati, caste system, widows are inauspicious…

Man, what we do is less atrocious in nature. I think we are equating two different things…

No one thinks we are ‘evil’. Everyone is righteous in their perspective. This not raising “Why” mindset is capable of creating evil without us recognizing it and even making us perpetuator and propagator. (Devotees becoming rioters…)


We all are logical creatures. Let’s try thinking the logic. Let’s try thinking ‘why’ in traditions. If ‘why’ is valid, bring on. Until that, old traditions will be phased out and new traditions will be established and our future generations will realize how naïve and stupid we have been and similarly they would be stuck in the same obsolete loop.

P. S.: Think about ‘Why’. (If nothing comes up, I will once again highlight a tradition in upcoming posts.)

Change our stories…

For this post, let me put down the base definition (as by me):
Revenge: Give punishment yourself
Justice: Let authorities give punishment

Sorry to use an old and repetitive fact, but I think we would all agree if I plant a mango tree, the tree will bear mango and never papayas.

“What we sow is what we reap”.

Extending this example to us, let’s consider us a garden and thoughts and ideas as seeds.

Now, let us consider what do we expect from people?  

Ans: Recently, we saw Team Anna protesting and all the media, politicians, persons of repute, in the end, we, opposing their methods, saying it’s not the “right” way. If they want change, they have their chance and they should enter politics and do it in the “right” way. In school, if we had a fight, our parents tell us to go to a teacher rather than involve in a fist-fight.

We are expected to follow a system, not to dismantle it. We desire a system that is defined, that is advantageous and disadvantageous to everyone in equal manner, a system that is not the pawn of few powerful people and would not descend into anarchy as the head of the organization steps down. We desire restoration rather than sending the present state into anarchy.

Will you slay or hand over to the system?

Revenge or Justice

Second consideration, what are we sowing?

Ans: Mining the common theme from the stories of Gods, of prince and princess, the old witch, we listen in our childhood, good wins over evil. Perfect ending. But how good wins over evil? Good kills evil. Prince killed the evil magician. Does Mahabharata inspire the correct end? None of them held a trial.

When I was small, they were my ideals. I admired them. A part of me wanted to be like them. I was subconsciously propagating myself towards them but if my heroes are achieving their motive via “revenge” and not “justice”. An impressionable mind would certainly generate undesirable instincts. An instinct of “go-for-kill” rather than “go-for-justice” shall naturally be developed.

We face two methods: “Revenge” or “Justice”. Which one is right? Which is wrong? Which sets system back on track? Which is a fruitless attempt? I am not going to answer any nor is my purpose to advocate a certain method but let’s be clear about what we desire and remove the hypocrisy in the education we are providing. We slowly develop into what we love deeply.

Perhaps, if I want to inculcate the pavement of “justice” in my brother or sister, I would regale the tales of some heroes who put villains into jail or sentenced them. Come on, let new stories pave in. Let our stories be in sync in what we want. Let’s peel down at least one layer of the mask.

9 Things from A Teacher’s Perspective…

A student isn’t a student if he hasn’t participated and strongly narrated his personal gatha in the discussion, “Teachers don’t understand us”. Adding a voice that has been on both sides of the bench (the side which faces the board and the side which writes on the board) on this Teacher’s Day, Gagan Sir would like to say to a student, GG about classroom and Life from his perspective:

      1. My world is not centered around you: GG, you may think that I have only one task in my whole day. Wake up, come to teach and go back to home, enjoy free time and sleep. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I have another Life with equal number of problems and responsibilities such as taking care of family, controlling finances, getting kids ready…
      2. Please keep quiet:  Imagine you are suddenly shoved on stage, with a hundred eyes looking on you with expectations. Now, you have to give a speech to a crowd that is all set to create a ruckus and judging from their looks, coming up with new ways to explain. That happens to me in class every day and chaos/noise doesn’t help.

        Try teaching a class of unruly kids...

        Continue speaking if you don’t want them to turn this…

      3. Please come up: I do not have a knowledge scanner such that I can X-ray your knowledge. So, if you are good, approach me, be interactive and don’t just back in your seat silently expecting that I would spot your talent.
      4. Partiality is inherent: It’s like being nice to someone who has been nice to you. If the kid has been less problematic, well-behaved, I would cut him some slack and just so that you know, in 80% of the cases, we turn a blind eye to your misbehaviour.
      5. Don’t let your curiosity get away:I know as an educator, it’s our role to nurture your curiosity but sometimes, the non-teacher just part takes over.
        • We are in a bad mood. So, we would brush you off.
        • The thing you are asking is very high level. So, bear with us when we say “afterwards”.
        • We don’t know.

        We are hypocrites, sometimes...

        Sorry about that

      6. We are human: Being a part of human means we are not perfect. And sometimes, it’s difficult and shameful to accept an error on our part to a large group of students who would make fun and spread the word. So, we resort to false-justification.
      7. It’s more about attitude than knowledge: If a batch mate of yours is damn good, and he talks to you like you are some dumb kid, what would be your opinion regarding him? ******* (I am assuming something unspeakable in public). Same case, here. Treat us like the elders or experienced we are.
      8. I am not really “Me”: As your torch-bearer, I have to act rule-abiding, ethical… you get the drift. We have to scold you, punish you but it’s only to inculcate better ethics, grasping at opportunities we missed. We didn’t realizewhat we have become until the day someone came up and said “Sir”…

        Dual personality

        As Kent and Superman, as teacher and me

      9. You are our biggest achievement: You have literally no idea how proud we feel when you become successful. At that time, Life seems complete and suddenly there is a meaning attached to it. We care a lot more than you think.

These are certainly not justifications, but it would be better if you keep these things in the back of your mind. Long-term Understanding is a two-way bridge. Maybe, next time, you can be less hard on us. Maybe…

Wish you a wonderful and high-flying future ahead…

Pseudo-boyfriends and Pseudo-girlfriends…

Couple Walking and Talking Together

Looks like a couple… but are they actually from inside?

I have a habit of roaming around rooms throughout (Two reasons, I need physical presence and I hate spending mobile balance). So, as usual, I was in one of the rooms. While I was sitting, let’s name that friend Mr. “Don’t Guess”.

He changed his shirt two times, changed his jeans, sprayed deo all over his shirt and looked at the mirror and set his hair. I already knew for whom he was doing that but still I asked his roomie, “Going Civil Lines with her?”

“Who else?” came back the reply.

I couldn’t help but notice that both my friend and his “friend” are displaying some common characteristics of a couple. They both dress up super nice for each other. They talk or chat or SMS nearly every evening. They are seen in canteen together. He gets slightly jealous when some guy approaches her. The guy sometimes makes an extra (real extra) effort to ensure she remains comfortable. The girl also subtly lets him know about her whereabouts.

­I can assure you that “Don’t Guess” and his “friend” are not involved in any relationship. Neither they have any feelings for each other. He is not hiding from me because I know who he actually likes. Same is with the girl. (Although girls are not decipherable but some credible sources). Neither are they socially retarded.

Summing up, on the superficial level, yes, they are a couple but in the core, nothing. You would find all the couple-y stuff but if they can’t talk, it doesn’t matter. Can’t meet, doesn’t matter.  Want to flirt, doesn’t matter. It’s a kind of play between them.

Due to this pseudo nature, I realized they are “pseudo-boyfriend” and “pseudogirlfriend”. Act like a couple, but not feel like a couple.

What could be the origins??

Reasons, probably:

  1.        Covet: Dr. Hannibal said, “How do we begin to covet? We begin to covet what we see every day”. Whatever number of benefits we may give of being single but seeing couples roaming around in the campus and intimacy between them highlights your own lack of it.
  2.        “Factor”: “The One” factor… Girls: “He is simply great but you know what he is not… Not what… He is just not…” Boys: “She… Nah”. You are great with him/her but “the One” factor is missing.
  3.        Fear: Fear is another root. I don’t know about girls but some of the boys surely fear that a girlfriend would be the biggest block towards his job, success, GPA and whatever. Desire manipulates our mind perfectly.
  4.        Stigma: Many of us are here from conservative background and this gf-bf thing is heavily frowned upon. How can I have a boyfriend? OR How can I have a girlfriend? Yet you want it.

You see, we have lots of different relation and lots of them are emerging new with different scenarios. But nevertheless, it is fun to study those relations and getting to know it. Look around and you will also find them. Next time, probably, you can tease them up.

Warning: Don’t confuse it with “just Friends”… In that case, feelings are there, they simply hide it.

Pseudo Propose

Hope it hasn’t happened to my pseudo couple friends…

Walking out…

My dear Friend/Relative/Lots of people in my Life,

First of all, allow me to begin by thanking you for all the great times we had. But I think it’s time for us to admit that we have reached a certain stage where our dynamics have been exhausted and it would be in the best of interests of both if I just walk out from here.

Believe me, I have done the idiotic mistake of carrying dead relations since small. I enjoy being in relations but in the moment or rather my desperate hope to cling to them, I simply missed their expiry date. (Most have oneL)

For instance, in Class VII, I was good friends with my class-mate. We used to sit together, go dance classes, tuitions together.  Then the friction started increasing and we stopped talking. Just for the sake of I don’t know why, we continued our activity together and continued being miserable. All the while, I could have part ways, make some new friends but I was I…

You may be wondering why I haven’t walked out yet…

  1. Civility. Sometimes, its like that tight jeans which makes you look cool but is totally suffocating.
  2. Pain of “Letting go”
  3. My fantasies would remain fantasies
  4. Fear of being alone
  5. Glimmer of hope of return (It sounds and it is desperate)
  6. Believing that it is the best I can get
  7. He/She is very vital to me

And probably more…

So, lets me amiable and unburden ourselves with our non-useful baggage and don’t tire ourselves out.

What if you continue to carry unnecessary stuff while packpacking?

Think if he continues to shove that blue bag with non-useful stuff…

You can claim:

I am expecting too much from Life.Maybe you are right, but I would prefer to make a mistake and know your value rather than stuck in a crushing compromise and curse you throughout.

It’s only your mind running wild. At the end of the day, am I happy? The answer came NO. If the surface of ocean is silent, it doesn’t mean it is silent.

What’s harm in keeping whatever we have. I am always going to be dejected around you. And as a result, negativity would start seeping inside. I would become grumpy and shall be looked as crappy person. Besides, the portion of brain would be better employed somewhere else.

I am the best that you can get. There are 6,973,738,432 people in world. I doubt that. Maybe I already have someone but I am ignoring him

Life is a compromise. Compromise is middle way and it doesn’t seem to me like that.

I will be truthful. Walking out of you will hurt a lot. It’s scary and dilemma of right and wrong but I would prefer in not getting dejected over someone who isn’t glad to have me, no point in forming bonds with you just we are blood-related, no point in belittling myself where every fault is inadvertently mine, no point in being a relation which cuts my wings.

You and I both deserve better.

I know I will be tempted to carry the dead again whenever I see you but I will remember the reason and see if it has been altered and realize we came together as different persons and go away as different. I will walk out politely so that bridge is not completely burnt.

Take care of yourself.

Previously yours,


So many different people... I should just look around

So many different people… I should just look around