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So you think there is God??

The world is fair.

Hitler killed approximately 6 million people just because they belonged to a particular race, people affected by Chernobyl nuclear disaster reached tens of thousands. People are shunned due to their sexual orientation. Some get opportunities simply because they are sons or daughters of someone. In our personal Life, some of the most capable people are left behind but jerks we know rise to a higher level.

Corpses of prisoners are seen at Buchenwald concentration camp after the liberation in April 1945. The construction of Buchenwald camp started 15 July 1937 and was liberated by US General Patton's army 11 April 1945. Between 239,000 and 250,000 people were imprisoned in this camp. About 56,000 died among which 11,000 Jews. On the 4th of April Patton's army liberated the Buchenwald sub-camp in Ohrdruf, where they only found about fifty corpses of prisonners. The 9000 Buchenwald commandos - hundreds of Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian, Italian and French, some Hungarian and Russian Jews, and gypsies - had been forced by the Nazis to march 80 km on April 2nd from Ohrdruf to the main camp Buchenwald. Most of them were evacuated again April the 7th to Dachau and Flossenburg. Much died during this ordeal. On the 11th of April the International Committee (created in August 1943 by the prisoners), who managed to obtain and hide arms during previous shelling, gave the order for an insurrection which pave the way for the US army.(FILM) AFP PHOTO ERIC SCHWAB AFP PHOTO


So much for the fair world…

There is God.

Argument: When you see the sunset or sunrise, you can’t stop feeling awe, you can’t stop feeling just.

It’s certainly one of nature’s wonders but at the same time, Earthquake, Tsunamis, etc… are also part of that same nature.

Argument: Believing in God makes people better human being.

Worshipers start following the path of God. We are encouraged to donate, take care of our fellow beings, stay righteous, and believe in the Supreme Power. Satis, religious riots, discrimination, if you are gay, and endless more are also the by-products. Atheists are equally benevolent, helpful and humble. Warren Buffet to be named.

Argument: Miracles and all the stuff which Science is unable to explain. A baby falls from the second floor and survives.

First, let’s take miracles. Good, bad, extremely good, horrifically bad, all of these happen in Life. Duality is a part of nature. If there were no miracles, then it would have been an abnormality. Second, there’s a plethora of phenomena that science is unable to explain but science is learning, growing. One day, we may get that answer.

Argument: Why did this happen to him and not the other guy? Concept of ‘Karma’…

He lost his leg. God has punished him. I think there is a long list of people who should be punished before going after some people who had an accident. Regarding Karma, if I inflict harm on some people, something bad will happen to me. Ok. What about person who received harm, he must have been harmed because of his earlier bad actions. If that is what he deserved, I am doing God’s work. 🙂

Argument: If value of any scientific constant is changed slightly, Life would be erased.

Fine. Something else will be there. Another form of Life, another phenomenon which is out of our imagination. Out of 859 planets discovered, we have not been able to discover Life in one of them. Some are purely in dark. It’s not that perfect.

Argument: Where did all of these come from?

Alright, there is a Creator.

So, why do we believe in God?

I think because believing in God provides the “pattern”. We, as humans, always look for a pattern. We want to know as much as possible of what comes next. We fear the next unknown in the series.

If we were told that we are governed by laws, we are at ease because we know what’s next. Never mind, its good or bad, but we know. What if we were to be told, there is randomness and there is no certain response for our acts. Good will not always return good. It’s scary not knowing the consequences of our actions. It’s all for the “pattern”.

On an ending note:

Recently, in a riot-strife area, a woman had just given birth to a baby. It was a beautiful baby drenched in blood. A group of people barged in and asked does it belong to A or B. They didn’t ask if it was a boy or a girl, just which group it belonged. The nurse, horrified, remained silent. On seeing the silence, one of them picked the baby and threw it out of the window.

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Change our stories…

For this post, let me put down the base definition (as by me):
Revenge: Give punishment yourself
Justice: Let authorities give punishment

Sorry to use an old and repetitive fact, but I think we would all agree if I plant a mango tree, the tree will bear mango and never papayas.

“What we sow is what we reap”.

Extending this example to us, let’s consider us a garden and thoughts and ideas as seeds.

Now, let us consider what do we expect from people?  

Ans: Recently, we saw Team Anna protesting and all the media, politicians, persons of repute, in the end, we, opposing their methods, saying it’s not the “right” way. If they want change, they have their chance and they should enter politics and do it in the “right” way. In school, if we had a fight, our parents tell us to go to a teacher rather than involve in a fist-fight.

We are expected to follow a system, not to dismantle it. We desire a system that is defined, that is advantageous and disadvantageous to everyone in equal manner, a system that is not the pawn of few powerful people and would not descend into anarchy as the head of the organization steps down. We desire restoration rather than sending the present state into anarchy.

Will you slay or hand over to the system?

Revenge or Justice

Second consideration, what are we sowing?

Ans: Mining the common theme from the stories of Gods, of prince and princess, the old witch, we listen in our childhood, good wins over evil. Perfect ending. But how good wins over evil? Good kills evil. Prince killed the evil magician. Does Mahabharata inspire the correct end? None of them held a trial.

When I was small, they were my ideals. I admired them. A part of me wanted to be like them. I was subconsciously propagating myself towards them but if my heroes are achieving their motive via “revenge” and not “justice”. An impressionable mind would certainly generate undesirable instincts. An instinct of “go-for-kill” rather than “go-for-justice” shall naturally be developed.

We face two methods: “Revenge” or “Justice”. Which one is right? Which is wrong? Which sets system back on track? Which is a fruitless attempt? I am not going to answer any nor is my purpose to advocate a certain method but let’s be clear about what we desire and remove the hypocrisy in the education we are providing. We slowly develop into what we love deeply.

Perhaps, if I want to inculcate the pavement of “justice” in my brother or sister, I would regale the tales of some heroes who put villains into jail or sentenced them. Come on, let new stories pave in. Let our stories be in sync in what we want. Let’s peel down at least one layer of the mask.