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What I learned from Justice League​


A few days back, I watched Justice League movie. Now, I am a big DC Fan. I have read Flashpoint, watched entire Justice League Animated Series, watched Season 1 of Batman Animated Series, Nolanverse, CW-verse. Yet, I didn’t like it. Strange, because, fans have a lower bar for their heroes, even put on a good spin on their flaws.

Initially, I thought it was because they crammed too many new characters, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. In rush for speed, they ignored character development time.

A few days back, I was watching Captain America Civil War again. I observed that it also had 2 new characters – Spiderman and Black Panther. I would count Antman as I haven’t seen him yet. The film seemed coherent.

The above theory of too many new characters was wrong. What could be the reason?

I came across more reviews. Another point which came out was the darker tone. It is true that audience generally doesn’t prefer dark movies. But critics do and this movie was smashed by critics too. Also, Nolanverse was also dark. There had to be something more.

Let’s go back and see How was Spiderman introduced? He was not introduced typically as bitten by Spider and indirectly responsible for Uncle Ben’s death. But as a normal teenager who doesn’t know what to do with his powers. Before taking him under his wing, Stark asked him “What gets you out of your twin bed every morning?”

What the story made clear was the motivation of Spiderman. This is very critical. Because we connect with WHY? We are emotional beings. We connect with each other with emotions. I can parrot a bunch of superpowers but ultimately, it will be the story in which you will be interested in.

“Why” doesn’t have to be positive or altruistic feeling. It can be a negative feeling like Black Panther’s revenge for his father or Joker’s motivation of watching the world burn.

Momentarily, we can be dazzled with visuals, but if we want to get deeply involved with something, we need to know “WHY?”

Another thing which bothered me in DCEU was in Man of Steel. When young Clark reprimanded for saving his classmates by pulling a bus out of the water. He asks,

“What was I supposed to do, just let them die?”

Superman’s parent taught him to always do the right thing. Not just when suited to you. Same concerns for Batman. One of Batman’s core value is that he doesn’t kill.

Origins and portrayals doesn’t affect. In fact, origins and portrayals are different across different adaptations. Core values are something that cannot be changed. Core values define the character irrespective of its adaptations.

The learning here is that we need to define our core values and know the motivation. Things will keep on changing, and at an even faster pace as time progresses. It can be any work or oneself. If we have those, it will be relatively easy not to get lost and perhaps, our story will be worthwhile.

So you think there is God??

The world is fair.

Hitler killed approximately 6 million people just because they belonged to a particular race, people affected by Chernobyl nuclear disaster reached tens of thousands. People are shunned due to their sexual orientation. Some get opportunities simply because they are sons or daughters of someone. In our personal Life, some of the most capable people are left behind but jerks we know rise to a higher level.

Corpses of prisoners are seen at Buchenwald concentration camp after the liberation in April 1945. The construction of Buchenwald camp started 15 July 1937 and was liberated by US General Patton's army 11 April 1945. Between 239,000 and 250,000 people were imprisoned in this camp. About 56,000 died among which 11,000 Jews. On the 4th of April Patton's army liberated the Buchenwald sub-camp in Ohrdruf, where they only found about fifty corpses of prisonners. The 9000 Buchenwald commandos - hundreds of Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian, Italian and French, some Hungarian and Russian Jews, and gypsies - had been forced by the Nazis to march 80 km on April 2nd from Ohrdruf to the main camp Buchenwald. Most of them were evacuated again April the 7th to Dachau and Flossenburg. Much died during this ordeal. On the 11th of April the International Committee (created in August 1943 by the prisoners), who managed to obtain and hide arms during previous shelling, gave the order for an insurrection which pave the way for the US army.(FILM) AFP PHOTO ERIC SCHWAB AFP PHOTO


So much for the fair world…

There is God.

Argument: When you see the sunset or sunrise, you can’t stop feeling awe, you can’t stop feeling just.

It’s certainly one of nature’s wonders but at the same time, Earthquake, Tsunamis, etc… are also part of that same nature.

Argument: Believing in God makes people better human being.

Worshipers start following the path of God. We are encouraged to donate, take care of our fellow beings, stay righteous, and believe in the Supreme Power. Satis, religious riots, discrimination, if you are gay, and endless more are also the by-products. Atheists are equally benevolent, helpful and humble. Warren Buffet to be named.

Argument: Miracles and all the stuff which Science is unable to explain. A baby falls from the second floor and survives.

First, let’s take miracles. Good, bad, extremely good, horrifically bad, all of these happen in Life. Duality is a part of nature. If there were no miracles, then it would have been an abnormality. Second, there’s a plethora of phenomena that science is unable to explain but science is learning, growing. One day, we may get that answer.

Argument: Why did this happen to him and not the other guy? Concept of ‘Karma’…

He lost his leg. God has punished him. I think there is a long list of people who should be punished before going after some people who had an accident. Regarding Karma, if I inflict harm on some people, something bad will happen to me. Ok. What about person who received harm, he must have been harmed because of his earlier bad actions. If that is what he deserved, I am doing God’s work. 🙂

Argument: If value of any scientific constant is changed slightly, Life would be erased.

Fine. Something else will be there. Another form of Life, another phenomenon which is out of our imagination. Out of 859 planets discovered, we have not been able to discover Life in one of them. Some are purely in dark. It’s not that perfect.

Argument: Where did all of these come from?

Alright, there is a Creator.

So, why do we believe in God?

I think because believing in God provides the “pattern”. We, as humans, always look for a pattern. We want to know as much as possible of what comes next. We fear the next unknown in the series.

If we were told that we are governed by laws, we are at ease because we know what’s next. Never mind, its good or bad, but we know. What if we were to be told, there is randomness and there is no certain response for our acts. Good will not always return good. It’s scary not knowing the consequences of our actions. It’s all for the “pattern”.

On an ending note:

Recently, in a riot-strife area, a woman had just given birth to a baby. It was a beautiful baby drenched in blood. A group of people barged in and asked does it belong to A or B. They didn’t ask if it was a boy or a girl, just which group it belonged. The nurse, horrified, remained silent. On seeing the silence, one of them picked the baby and threw it out of the window.

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Walking out…

My dear Friend/Relative/Lots of people in my Life,

First of all, allow me to begin by thanking you for all the great times we had. But I think it’s time for us to admit that we have reached a certain stage where our dynamics have been exhausted and it would be in the best of interests of both if I just walk out from here.

Believe me, I have done the idiotic mistake of carrying dead relations since small. I enjoy being in relations but in the moment or rather my desperate hope to cling to them, I simply missed their expiry date. (Most have oneL)

For instance, in Class VII, I was good friends with my class-mate. We used to sit together, go dance classes, tuitions together.  Then the friction started increasing and we stopped talking. Just for the sake of I don’t know why, we continued our activity together and continued being miserable. All the while, I could have part ways, make some new friends but I was I…

You may be wondering why I haven’t walked out yet…

  1. Civility. Sometimes, its like that tight jeans which makes you look cool but is totally suffocating.
  2. Pain of “Letting go”
  3. My fantasies would remain fantasies
  4. Fear of being alone
  5. Glimmer of hope of return (It sounds and it is desperate)
  6. Believing that it is the best I can get
  7. He/She is very vital to me

And probably more…

So, lets me amiable and unburden ourselves with our non-useful baggage and don’t tire ourselves out.

What if you continue to carry unnecessary stuff while packpacking?

Think if he continues to shove that blue bag with non-useful stuff…

You can claim:

I am expecting too much from Life.Maybe you are right, but I would prefer to make a mistake and know your value rather than stuck in a crushing compromise and curse you throughout.

It’s only your mind running wild. At the end of the day, am I happy? The answer came NO. If the surface of ocean is silent, it doesn’t mean it is silent.

What’s harm in keeping whatever we have. I am always going to be dejected around you. And as a result, negativity would start seeping inside. I would become grumpy and shall be looked as crappy person. Besides, the portion of brain would be better employed somewhere else.

I am the best that you can get. There are 6,973,738,432 people in world. I doubt that. Maybe I already have someone but I am ignoring him

Life is a compromise. Compromise is middle way and it doesn’t seem to me like that.

I will be truthful. Walking out of you will hurt a lot. It’s scary and dilemma of right and wrong but I would prefer in not getting dejected over someone who isn’t glad to have me, no point in forming bonds with you just we are blood-related, no point in belittling myself where every fault is inadvertently mine, no point in being a relation which cuts my wings.

You and I both deserve better.

I know I will be tempted to carry the dead again whenever I see you but I will remember the reason and see if it has been altered and realize we came together as different persons and go away as different. I will walk out politely so that bridge is not completely burnt.

Take care of yourself.

Previously yours,


So many different people... I should just look around

So many different people… I should just look around




Myth of Happiness…

Recently, I was cleaning out my Kota material and I found the diary of my Xth standard days. A sudden rush of nostalgia flowed in me. What masti, friends, less work, those wonderful times… That was one of the best times of my Life. I opened my diary to relive those boarding days…

But one thing that struck me was I had problems, used to get upset over them, look forward to better future. Now also, I have problems, get upset over them and look forward to better future. I was not happy then and I am not happy now.

It sucks that the era of my Life in which I thought I was the happiest, I was not.

So, if I was not happy that time, then when was I happy?

I dug older diaries. Same pattern followed. I used to quibble about problems. Looks like the happiness I imagined of being “Always Happiness” was never there.. I quote “When I will grow up, I will eat all the ice-cream”. I have overrated my Past.

I realized “Always Happiness” is equivalent to chasing clouds. Even when you are in the clouds, you would still be seeking another cloud and there is always another cloud.

That’s why, when we look back at our childhood days, we remember as being happy but if you ask any child, he’s bothered by restrictions imposed by parents, more freedom to elder siblings, a new toy of his friend, homework. He is in a rush to grow up. A college kid is bothered by placement, GPA, politics…

Calvin and Hobbes - Childhood sucks

From more than 2000 years ago, men have been working for a happier Life, yet I am not happy.

Then, why was that particular period seemed to be happiest?

Its because I was less sad, those days. I did things which I liked frequently. One more new thing I learnt today is that Happiness and Sadness are separate entities. Being not sad doesn’t mean you are happy.

At that moment, it occurred “Happiness is often an illusion of the past when we were less sad.”

What should I do?

So, I would stop chasing Happiness, forget the Myth of Happiness and just try not to be sad.

If you want to be not sad, a couple of advices:

  •        Eliminate any negative feeling within you: Jealously, hatred, revenge, and all others… Negative feelings are parasites. They completely eat us up from inside. As someone said, “You cannot live in peace with a demon inside”. They were quite less during that time
  •       Notice things for which we are lucky. Gratitude avoids the classic mistake of “taking granted”.
  •       Carve 5 minutes for yourself everyday.

Is present happiness a myth?

I read my diary more closely and observed the time when I was happy.

I found Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is doing something we love, something we really desire. It requires courage and courage is a rare commodity. When we follow, Fear starts haunting us and creates pseudo-barriers in mind. When we overcome that and we take “Udaan”, that’s when we are happy.

The feeling while taking Udaan

The feeling while taking Udaan

If we are doing something only for the sake of making ourselves secure, we are simply lessening sadness and by no means increasing happiness.

Happiness is a choice.

Meanwhile, I will definitely try to be happy (although I get inhibited by my Fear) but at the same time, I will ensure that I am not sad. At least my memories should be happy if not the present.

You can never say “LIFE”


It is with profound grief and disbelief that we realize, our dear friend, Akshay Tyagi, has embarked upon an eternal journey from which he shall never return. He shall be missed very dearly not only by me but also by all whom he was acquainted in his lifetime.

You know, I have been trying to think what ’Tyagiji’ would be thinking in the morning. Probably, “Class mein bethna padega, yaaaar (yaar in his unique style)”, and other little things, never realising that death would just come from back and hit him in a wham, taking away his soul from us forever.

His death reminds us of one fact that ‘we can never say Life’. We are taking so many things for granted that we forget the very essence of Life i.e. enjoy it and not besot it with minute problems. In Life, lets agree, we can never say no to the fact that Mr. Yamraj may be lurking around the corner. Yet, in our lust for greater things, we simply ignore the small and wonderful things that sum up the Life.

We simply let go off the moments, thinking that there shall be next, but are you sure is there a next?

So, let his death be a catalyst to:

1. Remind ourselves again that we are mortals.

2. Enjoy small things in Life like fights with your sister, teasing by friends, birthdays, ice-creams, and you know better.

Our beloved 'Tyagiji'

Our beloved 'Tyagiji'

3. Take just two minutes of the 1440 minutes everyday and value all the things which sum up your Life.

4. When pray to God, thank Him for everything He privileged us with.


5. Remember that we strengthen exponentially when we are together. (search IIITA protest, for those who don’t know)

May his spirited soul rest in peace and inculcate in us that the ‘unwanted guest’ is often ‘uninvited’ also.