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Who is bigger: Satyameva Jayate or Aamir Khan?

In “The Adventure of the Silver Blaze”, Sherlock Holmes was investigating a murder with police. Inspector asked

“Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time”

“The dog did nothing in the night-time”

“That was the curious incident,” remarked Sherlock Holmes.

 Similarly, when I saw Aamir Khan cry on the show, there are only 2 scenarios possible

  1. He certainly has not done extensive research OR
  2. He is “acting” in front of cameras
Aamir Khan crying in Satyameva Jayate

But a part of mine would say, “Gagan, being a SRK fan, you are just being biased. If, with some glamour and emotional quotient, people start paying attention to some social causes, its good.”

There, I did it again… My chain of thoughts started with Satyameva Jayate and I ended up discussing Aamir Khan. Man, it happens everytime…

To me, Satyameva Jayate is a fantasic show:

  1. It expresses the concern through an individual rather than group which is more effective as per research
  2. It highlights the evils are happening “among us” and not somewhere.
  3. It brings the experiences of experienced people who have handled the issue effectively.
  4. It spreads the name of a certain NGO, through which we can be more aware and provide assistance.
  5. Make us aware of the pending cases that should have been brought to justice long ago and strengthens the voice through public support to some extent. (Media has proved to be a powerful tool in many such cases)

When I watch the show, I feel bad, ashamed and believe it should not happen but as soon as it is over, all the horrors are forgotten and, if a discussion crops up about Satyameva Jayate, its completely about Aamir Khan rather than issues. The Best Khan…

Somewhere down the line, I always return to square one.

Satyameva Jayate is a new show… and its concept has proven to be successful in terms of TRP. Other producers are going to capitalize on this idea too, and there would be a flood of such type of shows. So, let’s realize we have a good thing here and ask

Do I really feel their pain and want to change which I look forward to?


Just simply keep gasping at the horrors everytime they are shown, be a victim of exploitation by producer and wake up next with no memory of what we witnessed a few hours before?

Lets hope next time we debate on how to eradicate the problems rather than criticizing/doting the host…

Reality shows are a deception…

In these vacations, I had the fortune and misfortune of watching some really awesome performances on the reality shows. Those exquisite dance moves, those heart-touching melodious voice, the cooking under stress… it was my fortune to see their performances but to see those great artists under the deception was my misfortune.

You may start vigorously defending reality show’s merits. There are many, but as I said, a lot of it is deception:

1.       This is your only chance: “Aaj ek mauka hai aapke paas”. This line is repeatedly said again and again till your mind starts believing in it. An illusion is created as if it’s a succeed-or-fail-in-life situation, which can be no further away from the truth. Pick any successful person. He/she failed a lot of times and rose again and conquered. Steve Jobs kicked out of his own company. Donald Trump bankrupted 4 times. Zuckerburg’s P2P software was a flop. Chris Gardener (on whose Life Pursuit of Happiness was made)… Abraham Lincoln… The list goes on. There is no final chance.

Public applauding

Public applauding...

2.      Increase pseudo-esteem: We common people simply love this kind of shows. Where in the world can a common man get so much respect, and that too from such big celebrities in a society that is ready to crush him. You are an instant star. But what happens after the show? Public idol is replaced by someone else. Certainly, the main industry guys are not going to treat a newbie as a star. Otherwise why are the contestants who are so praised never seen in their films/songs?

I have seen you somewhere...

I have seen you somewhere...

3.       Cozy upto your boss/kiss an idiot’s ass: In order to rise up the ranks, you have to be in good books of your boss/seniors. More often than not, pure talent cannot drive you in the world. There are politics, water-cooler talks, the bureaucracy whirlpool which can suck the passion out of you and none of these realities are taught. Try recalling the names of winners (if you can) and see where they stand today.

4.       Big Boss kinds: Writing about it would be a sheer waste of precious time…

Competitive reality shows are just branding of old TV shows which used to show performances. Their producers are after all corporate players, who are willing to fill up their pockets and in this way, by selling dreams. Tell them you are here to entertain audience, you can learn a lot, create some useful contacts but don’t play with their childhood ambition and tell you are going to be star. Plus we should continue enjoying them but not under a deception.

It’s as if a college is advertising, “Enroll in our college and be a world-famous entrepreneur.”

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