A 60 second story…

It was the cold winter evening. A beggar with his 5-year old son was hungry. People tend to walk around less in winter. They had nothing to eat since morning. He knocked on a door. The owner, furious at the audacity of beggar, shoved him backwards.

They covered themselves tightly with their tattered cloth. “Sir. Can you spare us some alms?”

The owner refused.

“Sir, we have not eaten anything since morning. Please give us some food?”

The owner’s face grew more crossed.

“Even leftovers would do? Anything?” He was worried about his son.

The owner refused again.

“Any old clothes?”

The owner refused again.

“Sir, Can you give me some sand from your garden?”

The owner seemed surprised at the request. He agreed. He went and brought him some sand.

The beggar blessed him and started going away.

The owner, still perplexed, called him. “Why did you ask for sand?”

“Because, it will teach you to give something.” 

A plant just planted in garden

I am not encouraging begging.

My interpretation is Things begin with small, seemingly irrelevant acts.

What’s yours?

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