Why I hate our Topper?

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (or intentional).

Guys and gals, we all have reasons to love our topper and apparently more reasons to hate him/her. Let me add one more to that reasons of hatred. Here’s the incident, which aargh:

Bookworm chased by pesticide

That was one of my wishes…

It was Second Semester in College. I loved a girl. This one was special. You know, since childhood, I have been against girls, but when I looked at her for the first time, all those years of hatred and resistance simply crumbled and God only knows how I take my eyes off her every time I look at her.

We were part of the same friend’s circle. One day, our group decided to go to the movies, “Harry Potter”. Not remotely interested. When she asked me, I was about to say no but… then I thought it’s AN Opportunity. I get to watch a movie with her. I had to control my excitement from her. “Yes, Why not?”

Now, the real hurdle for me was to sit next to her. The guys in my group knew it and so, they would sit accordingly. Girls… the ultimate problem to mankind. Then, Girl1 knows it. Girl2, nah, Girl3, nah. Its going to be tough. Throughout the way to theatre, I was deeply thinking of ways to sit with her. Even she remarked, “You are unusually silent today”.

Finally we reached. We were all settling down. Then, I saw her take seat with Girl3 but no one else on the other side. “God is great”. I practically leaped to The Seat. But before that, Mr. Topper sat down. “WTF??” I cursed inside. I told him through our eye-language to get up as I want to sit with her. But lo karlo baat, he didn’t understand.

“What?” he enquired with confusion spread all over his face.

The lights went off and reel started rolling. Everybody started shouting, “Sit, sit, movie’s about to begin”

I marched off to the extreme corner. Damn it, there was the opportunity, there was luck, everything was in perfect place but now due to that $**#@ I am stuck with a movie I am not at all interested in, blown hundred and fifty bucks and sitting with some random stranger on one side and a girl who was so deep into the movie that if disturbed, she would “Avada Kedavra” me. 😦 😦 :X

movie and sleeping in theatre

You may be wondering I could have sat after the intermission, but that was also a tragedy. That’s for another time. Till then. Take care.

12 thoughts on “Why I hate our Topper?

  1. isha_bemyfriend

    awww!! Okay, as a blog friend i couldn’t stop laughing at the first instant reading it… but next moment i felt like no, that’s bad manners, it was actually a situation of hatred. You must have been feeling like screwing that guy for sure, isn’t it?
    well, anyone would in such a case. Seriously it was too filmy, a villain between hero and heroine.. but i wish i could have been there to play as a cupid between you two hehe…
    btw waiting for next part. 😀


    1. GG Post author

      It is one of those times when we feel lots of angry but looking back, we can’t stop laughing. That Hero, Heroine and Villain are still my friends…



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