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How to shrug off Facebook??

What is Facebook to you?

  1. The great social medium to share our views, activity, in short your Life with your friends.
  2. New modern way to stalk crushes
  3. A good time pass (games, apps…)
  4. A medium to market yourselves
  5. An escape

For me, initially it was the first, but slowly, even without realizing, it turned into No. 5.

Facebook is a wonderful place which:

  • Which gives me a false sense of success. I just have to update some status (which I copy from elsewhere) and presto, I get instant likes from my friends.
  • Where I can know what’s on my friends’ minds (Idiotic jokes/ cheesy romantic lines/ activities like sleeping, going out which doesn’t concern me at all/their new dps).
  • Lastly, which gave me a feeling that I am connected with my friends (especially with chats), which is a pure illusion.

Happy Smiley

It, for me, changed from a social networking medium to an escape, an escape from the world where to learn or gain something; you have to give effort, an escape from the world, where friendship requires understanding, not clicks, a world where appreciation is hard-earned, a world which teaches you the best of lessons in the most mean ways.

I resolved, for once, to stop taking refuge in Facebook. Made a rule: only 2 times facebook per day. The tab cannot be open for a long time and once tab is closed, it is closed.

I managed it. Now, if you attempt to follow the above rule, certain feelings may try to hoodwink you.

  1.  Someone may have left something important for me. One word: Ha! Ha!! Analyze and think if it is actually true and moreover, I am not a spy so that if missed at that very moment, nuclear war would not start.
  2. I have nothing else to do: Pursue your hobby or do what you really love. That’s gonna be more fulfilling. Read a book, take a walk, listen to music, talk to a friend…
  3. I ‘m just taking a break: Technically, a break is supposed to bring the mind back to its maximum capacity again but a Facebook break fails to do that.
  4. Once a while won’t matter much: The frequency between those “whiles” decreases and your concentration ‘ka-boom’.
  5. I must remain updated: Updated about what? What movie he watched? Better check the news sites.
  6. Irritation: I just have to see it. There’s this great irritation that is caused. One advice: Just move away from computer until that passes.

Keep saying “What’s happening is good”

Today there’s no question of using facebook or not. Social networking is an integral part of our Life but we might want to remind us ourselves that we should not be like an alcoholic who drowns his sadness, fears in alcohol.

Wish you a Happy Productive Life.

7 reasons why I hate FB chat :X :X

If we trace the history of mankind, we would find the means of communication have constantly evolved. First, it was sign language, then we moved on to verbal via mouth, from there to written (letters, telegram…), then a sudden development in technology led to analog era. Radio, television, telephone… We didn’t stop there. With the DotCom bubble bubbling, our communication got digitalized, e-mails and behold the new-age of communication: FB chat…

I know hardly a day passes without seeing that box or hearing that pop sound. But it’s sure has got a lot of grey side. Here’s 7 reasons why I hate Facebook chat:

1.      Pointless: Majority of our conversations are pointless. We will just hi-hello, enquire about trivialities plus most of the time there’s an obligation to chat, rather than the desire. Many people, trust me many, just wait hours for their crushes to be online and then waste more hours chatting with them in hope that someday that a strong friendship will brew which will turn into a relationship. Trust me, your probability tends to 0. If you want to blossom a relationship, you have to go and talk with her/him.

 2.       Poor return: If I invest my money, I naturally expect a significant profit and in no way loss. But in fb chat, even after squandering 60 minutes in chat, its hardly worth 10 minutes of phone conversation.A Girl chatting on Facebook

 3.       Addictive: Life is best lived when we are addicted, but to a white screen with a blue header. I don’t think so. I believe, you may have heard this line “Yaar! Saara Time to fb mein hi nikal jaata hain. Aaj se fb bandh”. And then, many more times from the same person…

 4.       ‘Hhmm’: This is a highly irritating phrase (its not even a phrase). The other person will initiate the conversation and after one-two enquiries, the same person will write “Hhmm”, neither party understanding the meaning and leaving other person the obligation to continue the chat and. Hadd irritating hai, yaar.

5.       Misunderstandings:

 a.     Scenario #1: Since on fb, there’s no way of knowing the paralanguage, things are taken completely in a wrong sense and have to face the scenario. Try giving sarcasms and you will know.
b.      Scenario #2: You are chatting very comfortably but due to some net error, the msg is not send and both parties keep waiting thinking what the hell he/she’s writing or why he/she isn’t responding? Both parties considering each other rude.
c.       Scenario#3: Someone else is accesing our a/c and rest we all have gone through…

 6.       Unwanted ‘hi’: I am already chatting with someone when suddenly, one name pops up, then another. Interestingly, there’s a strong probability that the name popped-up is either someone you have been avoiding or someone who haven’t maintained any contact in years or that someone is sitting right across the wall.

 7.       Emptiness: When you really desire to talk with someone, no one’s there. To add to the pile, “63 friends online”.


“Ek din ek shayaar ne apne aansoon se pucha

Itni bhari mehfil mein kyun aajate ho,

Hamare tanhayee mein aaya karo

Aasoon ne kaha kya Karen

Itni bhari mehfil mein bhi hum aapko tanha paate hain

The bottom line, talk in person or over phone if you can. If possible, spend time with your real friends not chat buddies or doing new things. You can chat whenever you want but that idle moment, where you could have share a coffee will never come back.

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