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You can never say “LIFE”


It is with profound grief and disbelief that we realize, our dear friend, Akshay Tyagi, has embarked upon an eternal journey from which he shall never return. He shall be missed very dearly not only by me but also by all whom he was acquainted in his lifetime.

You know, I have been trying to think what ’Tyagiji’ would be thinking in the morning. Probably, “Class mein bethna padega, yaaaar (yaar in his unique style)”, and other little things, never realising that death would just come from back and hit him in a wham, taking away his soul from us forever.

His death reminds us of one fact that ‘we can never say Life’. We are taking so many things for granted that we forget the very essence of Life i.e. enjoy it and not besot it with minute problems. In Life, lets agree, we can never say no to the fact that Mr. Yamraj may be lurking around the corner. Yet, in our lust for greater things, we simply ignore the small and wonderful things that sum up the Life.

We simply let go off the moments, thinking that there shall be next, but are you sure is there a next?

So, let his death be a catalyst to:

1. Remind ourselves again that we are mortals.

2. Enjoy small things in Life like fights with your sister, teasing by friends, birthdays, ice-creams, and you know better.

Our beloved 'Tyagiji'

Our beloved 'Tyagiji'

3. Take just two minutes of the 1440 minutes everyday and value all the things which sum up your Life.

4. When pray to God, thank Him for everything He privileged us with.


5. Remember that we strengthen exponentially when we are together. (search IIITA protest, for those who don’t know)

May his spirited soul rest in peace and inculcate in us that the ‘unwanted guest’ is often ‘uninvited’ also.